Frequently Asked Questions

How many players do I need to play?

It does not matter if you’re coming to play on the weekend. If you wish to play on a weekday, a minimum of 12 players are required. (We open up exclusively for your group).


How many players do I need to play on our own? 

A minimum of 24 players (12 vs 12), however if you have less you can pre-book one of our games masters for $150 and your group can play in isolation.


How old do I have to be to play? 

NSW Firearms Law requires every player to be 16 years or older to play paintball.
For more information see under 18’s


How many games do I get? 

Again this depends on how long you play for. A normal game will last approximately 15 minutes and you would usually play two games per field with a 10 min break after playing two fields. Most groups will play between 6 to 12 games.


Can I wear glasses while a play? 

Yes, our paintball masks will fit over glasses however comfort levels will vary depending on the size of the frames. The majority of people playing in glasses have no problems.


Can we start later than 9am? 

Your group can pre-book one of our games masters for $150 and you can start playing when it suits you.


Can all of our group be on the one team? 

Your group will always be split into two armies and play against each other. This keeps the atmosphere friendly and gives you the opportunity to shoot your mates.


Is there a safe place to store our valuables while we play? 

We do have secured lockers that can be hired for $5 a day. They are big enough to hold several people’s valuables. We do not recommend you taking valuable onto the paintball fields. All securing of valuable is at your own risk.


When do starter packs have to be paid? 

Starter packs can be paid up-to 48 hours prior, but if it’s a special occasion we recommend paying 7-21 days in advance to secure your game.


Does getting hit by a paintball hurt? 

Honestly, if the paintball splats on your hard plastic mask, you wont feel a thing! However, if you get shot on the bottom it feels like a loving spank.


Is paintball dangerous? 

Paintball is one of the safest activities out there. Statistically, Paintball/Skirmish is safer to play than golf, tennis or a bush walk. Enough said!


How many paintballs do I need? 

The world average for a session of paintball is 800 to 1,000 shots per player.