First Time Players

We’re so glad you have chosen Aussie Paintball for your first paintball experience.

With over 25 years in the paintball business we’re confident we can facilitate a great day of exciting action for you and your group. From the first thought to play paintball to getting onto the field it’s an easy 3 step process and our staff are always ready to assist you at any stage.



Once you know the date you want to play paintball and approximately how many people will be in your group you can contact us via our online booking form or by phone on 02 9573 1555. We’ll talk you through the various options open to you and answer any questions you may have.


Now that you know your preferred date is available and you’ve confirmed with your friends who is definitely playing, it’s time to pre purchase a starter pack for each player at $40 per person no later than 7 days before you want to play. This fee also acts as your group’s deposit. You’ll need to pay this deposit no later than 7 days before you want to play. Once this payment is made your booking is confirmed and your day of adrenaline filled excitement is locked in.


We advise getting a good night’s sleep before your big day because you’ll need all your energy. Try and get your group to all arrive on time so that way we can get you out onto the field so you have more time to play paintball.




  • It’s inevitable! You’re going to get hit. Make it sooner rather than later! Once you’ve been hit with a paintball you’ll realise it’s not as bad as you thought and you’ll get into the day and enjoy it more.
  • Move! Don't just crouch behind a tree or barricade all day. Get up and move forward. Get into the action and you’ll be satisfied you gave it your best!
  • Work with your team. To be successful in your challenges you’ll need to pull together as a team and cover each other’s backs.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Part of effective team work is talking as you go. Where is the enemy now? Who just got hit? Who is covering the flank? Increase your team’s situational awareness by communicating during play.
  • Shoot! Shoot the enemy! Cover your team mates when they’re advancing , suppress the other team with plenty of paintball fire and restrict their movement.
  • Last but not least have FUN! It’s only paintball and it’s a game after all. Enjoy the different scenarios and the challenges they bring.
  • For more tips on paintball see our FAQ page.